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Support and guide our business partners towards sustainable growth, optimizing the internal value streams and the external supply chains.
Our BOQ guarantee (2:1; savings vs. Investment) creates common goals.

Shared Risk & Shared Benefit

BOQ México Team

Our consultants apply their expertise in various industries. Based on lean principals in combination with engineering, quality and logistics expertise, creating value faster, with increased sustainability due to our employee empowerment focus.


  • Headcount: 17 locally
  • > 75 within global cooperation
  • Industries: 
    • Automotive
    • Electronic
    • Aerospace
    • Food & Beverage

Founding Partners:

60+ Years combined international experience

Founding Partners: 60+ Years combined international experience

Thomas Birk | Managing Director
  • Lean/turnaround management
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality management

20+ years of experience

Luis Ochoa | Managing Partner
  • Process optimization
  • Capacity boost
  • Supplier management

15+ years of experience


Arturo Quiroga

  • Quality engineering
  • Six sigma master black belt
  • Audit management

25+ years of experience

Core Values

  • No discrimination, whatsoever
  • Everybody has a vote (regardless of the hierarchical position)​​
  • Take responsibility on your actions
  • Assign responsibilities to your team and let them grow by them
  • Environment: respect the ecological footprint of your actions, no to pollution (where possible)


  • Love what you’re doing
  • Love your teammates around you, love means respect and empower them to get better, every day
  • Understand your tools to approach critical situations
  • Listen to others to understand the situation
  • Always stick to the truth
  • Embrace achievements of others, don’t adorn yourself with foreign feathers
  • Never stop learning
  • Develop yourself and by thus, the company
  • Embrace lifelong learning, by yourself and supported by the company

  • Encounter challenges
  • Stand up for your decisions
  • Encourage others by your leading example
  • Engage yourself with the work at hand
  • Commit to the success of the company

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