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Core Competences


We empower your organization to enhance a continuous improvement culture, whilst implementing significant operational improvements.

Logistics & Supply
Chain Management

We support along the Procurement-to-Delivery process, identifying and implementing improvements to strengthen your supply chain.

Project & Launch

We manage or support you in your project from brown-/greenfield initiatives to product launch management.

Operational Transformation


  • Operational and financial analysis of the plant / Operations (LAS)
  • Implementation Plan according to identified potentials
  • Fast and provable ROI based on aligned KPI´s
  • Together with the client for sustainable improvements


  • Scoping visit
  • Lean Assessment
  • Transformation Journey
  • Implementation, Training and Coaching


  • Executive and Management
    Trainings (Change Mgt.)
  • Lean/Six Sigma/Quality Tools
  • Special Trainings based on

Tool Excerpt

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Operational Transformation

- Standard Approach -

    Scoping (Feasibility Check)

  • Management Interview
  • BOQ Standard explanation
  • Scope Definition

    Analysis Phase

  • Focus Area Analysis
  • Financial Potential Identification
  • Project List development
  • Generic Implementation Plan

    Preparation Week

  • Detailled Project Definition
  • (Sub)- Project Set-up
  • Resource allocation and alignment

    Implementation Phase

  • Kaizen weeks (e.g.  SMED, Line balancing etc.)
  • Reengineering Projects (e.g. Internal Logistics, Six Sigma, LDMS etc.)
  • Continuous KPI follow up and weekly status reports
  • Situation based reorganization (workload, Resources, focus shift etc.)

Final Results Validation

  • Accomplishment validation
  • Lessions learned
  • Roll-out discussion to other areas

Logistics & Supply Chain


  • Internal/external Supply Chain Improvements (e.g. MRP, Production Planning, Container Management, etc.)
  • Concept development for internal logistics (Tugger Trains, Supermarkets + Kanban, Material Supply on workstations)
  • Production Planning optimization (PFEP, EPEI & Single Piece Flow)


  • Status analysis
  • Support Alignment
  • SupportImprovement, Training & Coaching


  • MRP basics training (e.g. SAP)
  • Production Planning
  • Warehouse management
  • Lean Internal Logistics
  • Supply Chain Configuration (APICS)

Tool Excerpt

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Project & Launch Management


  • Standard trainings based on PMI and Agile methods
  • Launch Management applying the standard APQP development process
  • Experienced consultants with proven methods from practical application
  • From work package to complete Project responsibility


  • Project Set-up
  • Stakeholder Mgt.
  • Standard Performance Reporting
  • Critical Path Mgt.
  • Risk Mgt.
  • Resource Mgt.


  • PMI tools
  • BOQ tools box
  • Standard Reports
  • Agile Project Management tools
  • APQP automotive standard and respective tools

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Success Stories

Sub-assemblies layout optimization

  • Reduction of transport and material movements
  • Reduction of waiting times for the material
  • Minimize operator movements at your workstation
Sub-assemblies layout optimization

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Hoshin Kanri - Executive Level

• Value Stream Mapping of core product, current process (Material and Information Flow)
• Identification of Improvement potentials along the value chain (VSM / VSD)
• GAP analysis (Project list) and Financial summary

Hoshin Kanri - Management Level

• Based on VSM / VSD identified opportunities guiding people through specific methods (Definition of Quick Wins / Operational tools)
• Train and guide the process owners and stakeholders in specific tools and assure sustainability through adequate KPI implementation and measuring.

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